Octubre – Mes Mundial de la Ergonomía

Octubre es designado el Mes Mundial de la Ergonomía. Varias sociedades de ergonomía del mundo participan activamente en la promoción y la creación de conciencia en los factores humanos y ergonomía (HFE)
ADEA se suma a este festejo junto a todas las Sociedades Federadas del Mundo.
Message from the Executive Committee

Michelle M. Robertson, Ph.D., CPE
Communications and Public Relations
Standing Committee Chair

October is Global Ergonomics Month (GEM)
It’s around the corner!

October is the designated Worldwide Month of Ergonomics and Human Factors. Several IEA Federated Societies and Networks are actively involved, in promoting Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) awareness among the local community, industries, government agencies, and schools. Typically, these planned events and activities are grassroots, community based activities that target key stakeholders at various levels, such as industries, schools, government, and society.
These events and activities are designed to encourage the exchange of ideas regarding HFE practices through various formats by:

  • providing information and materials
  • distributing case studies
  • highlighting methods and discussions of experiences
  • providing community services

One of the IEA Communication and Public Relations Committee’s , initiatives is to actively support and encourage IEA Federated Societies and Networks and other relevant global organizations involvement in promoting the science, application and profession of HFE and to share these event experiences during the month of October. IEA acknowledges these admirable efforts and strongly supports these local and national initiatives.

For example, exchanging and distributing informative and educational HFE materials and other related planned activities (e.g., design competition used for these GEM type efforts should be highlighted on the IEA website. This provides further opportunities for other IEA FS, Networks and related professional/scientific organizations to coordinate and utilize these available materials in planning their own grassroots, GEM activities.

The following list describes of the highlights of the events and activities hosted by several Federated Societies, Networks and related organizations promoting HFE during the month of October, under the auspices of GEM.

Octubre – Mes Mundial de la Ergonomía
Octubre – Mes Mundial de la Ergonomía